Online Fax Resources

FaxCompare has put together a collection of resources to help you understand the more confusing aspects of the services as well as make better use of the service that you select. Click on any of the headings below to view the full article.

Free Fax Cover Sheets

Download any of these nine fax cover sheets to use with your online (or traditional) faxes.

Mobile Apps for Faxing

Find out which companies offer smartphone apps for which platforms.

Online Fax Glossary

Some terms that are common in the online fax industry are not common to the rest of the world. These definitions should help you better understand the services.

Online Fax Storage

If you plan to use your fax service provider as a place to store your incoming faxes, read this article.

Customer Service Options

Not all customer service options are created equal. This article breaks down the different types of customer service options offered by fax service providers.

j2 Global Overview

You’ve probably never heard of j2 Global, but there is a good chance you’ve used one of their services. j2 Global owns some of the top brands in the cloud services industry, including eFax and eVoice and has recently expanded into digital media with the purchase of Ziff Davis.

Free eFax Trial Versus eFax Free Plan

eFax offers a free trial of it’s eFax Plus service, but the company also still supports their completely free plan. Here we present the differences between the two offers.

How To eSign using eFax

One of eFax’s most valuable features is eSigning. We’ve prepared this page and video to help you understand how to use eFax to eSign a document.

Free Faxing Services

If you only need to send or receive a few faxes, then these free services are just what you’re looking for.

MetroFax vs Nextiva

MetroFax and Nextiva both offer high value online fax services. Read this breakdown to determine which service is the best fit for your needs.

Battle of j2 Global’s Top Online Fax Services

MetroFax, eFax and MyFax are all owned by j2 Global and are built on identical technology, but they do have significant differences. Here we take a closer look at the three services.

eFax Service Integrates With HP All-In-Ones

If you are considering signing up for an online fax service, it might be helpful to know that HP makes two series of all-in-one printer/ scanners that are set up to link users directly to an eFax account.

Subscription-LESS Mobile Fax Apps

These standalone, mobile fax apps allow you to handle your faxing needs on a pay-as-you-go basis. If you don’t sign up for a subscription fax service, these apps might come in handy in a pinch.

See Exclusive Discounts Offered to FaxCompare customers

Several online fax service providers offer disounts or additional fax pages to customers signing up using FaxCompare links. Veiw the details of these special offers here.

Keep Your Fax Number When Changing Services by “Porting” It

Some online fax services will let you port your old fax number into their service, and a few will let you port your number out. Read this article to find out how it works.

Get a Custom Logo For Your Business

Some online fax services allow you to upload a custom logo to your cover sheet. If you don’t already have a logo or want to upgrade your existing one, check out these inexpensive services.

Digitze Your Medical Records Using This Online Fax Hack

Get a digital copy of your medical records from any doctor’s office using this online fax service hack.

How To Switch From a Fax Machine to an Online Fax Service

Making the switch from a fax machine to online fax will save you money, follow this process to ensure the transition is smooth.

A Complete Phone and Fax Service

Interested in a solution that manages your phone and fax needs? Simplify your communications with RingCentral Office. RingCentral Office offers a feature rich, business class VoIP phone system for far less than the cost of a traditional phone system.

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