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Steps to Select an Email Fax Service

Over 100,000 people have used FaxCompare when searching for the best available email to fax service. We are confident that our reviews and comparison information will help you decide the best service for your email faxing needs.

Email fax allows you to send faxes through your email and receive faxes as PDF attachments. Below, we have listed the 5 simple steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of

How to Fax By Email with eFax

Analyze Your Email Fax Needs

First, assess how many incoming pages and/or outgoing pages you expect to send per month. Fax service plans typically include a specific number of incoming and outgoing pages. Sometimes these pages are “combined” into one total number. Some email fax services gives you an unlimited number of incoming pages only. Second, determine the number of users you need. A user is defined as an email account authorized to send/receive faxes. And third, decide whether you want to be able to fax through your email client or through an online interface.

Compare Email Fax Services

Our online fax comparison chart compares seven providers side-by-side on important points like monthly fees, hidden fees, overage fees, number of incoming and outgoing pages, number of users in plan, fax storage space, and customer support, among other things. Scroll over underlined terms to read a full description of the feature. Also, if you click on any fax provider review, you’ll be able to see an expanded features chart that gives you full details about the fax service in question.

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Read Email to Fax Reviews

Our email to fax reviews offer in-depth information about the fax plans reviewed on our site. We’ve listed out pros, cons and conclusions so you can easily compare the different plans. We’ve also bolded what we consider the most important part of each vendor’s conclusion.

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Sign Up for a Free Trial

Sign up for the email to fax service that best fits your needs. Many vendors offer a free trial, so you can test out the service at no cost to you. If you are still unsure which service you want to use, go back and use our comparison chart and other resources to help you.

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Test Your Email Fax Service

After you’ve signed up for a service, make sure to test it. Send a fax, receive a fax, and use the vendor’s customer service. Doing these things will allow you to see the quality of the faxes and how your vendor treats its customers.

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