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When it comes time for you to select an online fax service, there are many options for you to consider - from the number of pages in your plan to, of course, the price. Additionally, because the business world is becoming increasingly mobile, a provider's smartphone applications (or lack thereof) can factor into your decision. Today's business owners are on-the-go, and the ability to call up faxed documents from anywhere can be critical. Below is a summary of the mobile phone fax applications of all the internet fax providers we've reviewed.

Email Fax Services with Mobile Apps

MetroFax Mobile App:

MetroFax's mobile app is available on iPhone and Android.

The features are fairly robust. You can send faxes of images taken with your phone's camera, or of files and photos already stored on your device or housed in cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The app lets you add fax recipients to your contact list and confirm all the details of your fax before sending. It also keeps a log of all fax activity.

MetroFax iPhone Fax App
MetroFax Android Fax App

MyFax Mobile Fax App:

MyFax has a mobile application for the iPhone only.

Key features of the MyFax iPhone app include the ability to send faxes of documents created on your phone, images from your photo album, or documents that you've scanned into the app with your camera. You can add fax recipients manually or select them from your contact book. Additionally, you can view the status of your sent faxes and received faxes with the app.

MyFax iPhone Fax App

eFax Mobile App:

eFax offers mobile apps for both the iPhone and Android operating systems.

With the eFax phone app, users can create and send faxes by scanning documents with their phone's camera. This app lets you add a cover sheet and fax to contacts stored on both your device and your eFax contact book. You can also view and search received faxes. You can even digitally sign documents and fax them without having to print, sign, and scan your documents back into your online fax account.

eFax iPhone Mobile Fax App
eFax Android Mobile Fax App

MaxEmail Mobile Fax Application:

MaxEmail's mobile app is available for the iPhone operating system.

MaxEmail's app lets you fax by scanning images, uploading pictures from the camera roll, or attaching PDF files directly from DropBox, Google Docs/Drive, iDisk or any WebDav storage service. You can receive faxes and voicemails to your mobile number and view the sent and received history for the past 30 days.

MaxEmail iPhone Mobile Fax App

Sfax Fax By Mobile App:

Sfax's mobile app is available only for the iPhone.

Features of the Sfax iPhone app include the abilities to view, send, and receive faxes. You can scan images, select a cover sheet, and add notes to the documents. Get real-time fax status updates and access contacts saved on your Sfax account through your smartphone. The Sfax mobile app also lets you receive voicemails. The app also works on the iPad.

Sfax iPhone Fax App

Popfax Mobile Fax App:

Popfax's mobile app, dubbed "Popcompanion" is available for all three major mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

With Popcompanion you can view, download, send, and receive faxes. You can also forward faxes to email and personalize faxes with a cover page. Additionally, Popcompanion will let you manage personal contacts that are saved to your Popfax account.

Popfax iPhone Mobile App
Popfax Android Mobile App
Popfax Blackberry Mobile App

RingCentral Mobile Fax Apps:

RingCentral Internet Fax has a mobile app for all of the major operating systems. Features are relatively minimal, as the app allows you to only receive and forward faxes.

RingCentral iPhone Mobile Fax App
RingCentral Android Mobile Fax App
RingCentral Blackberry Mobile Fax App

Online Fax Providers with No Mobile Application

As of 5/21/2012:

  • AirComUSA
  • ClickFax
  • eXtremeFax
  • Fax.com
  • Fax87
  • FaxAge
  • Faxaway
  • FaxBetter
  • FaxItFast
  • FaxSer
  • GreenFax.com
  • HelloFax (While it doesn't have a mobile app, HelloFax has recently partnered with the Google Drive cloud storage service, allowing customers to send and receive faxes, as well as to fill out forms and request signatures through the cloud.)
  • Nextiva
  • OneSuite
  • RapidFAX
  • Send2Fax
  • SmartFax
  • SRFax (No traditional mobile apps, but SRFax does have a mobile optimized site that users can save to their iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone.)
  • TrustFax
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