Sfax Online Fax Service Review

Plan Reviewed: Basic

Sfax Pros

  • 17.6% savings when you prepay annually
  • One year online fax storage
  • High quality customer support

Sfax Cons

  • Only 100 combined pages included
  • Can receive fax notifications to only 1 email address
  • Not able to send faxes by email
  • Must upgrade to a more expensive plan to receive phone customer support

Sfax Conclusion

Sfax has a unique fax offering that focuses on security, but its price of $9 per month for 100 free combined pages is on the high end. Sfax has designed a service that ensures your documents and data are protected end-to-end using a combination of 128-bit SSL and base64 binary encryption. Sfax’s customer support is excellent, and its staff members are very knowledgeable.

Sfax charges $9 per month for its service with no hidden or startup fees. This price includes 100 combined pages for both sending and receiving faxes, which falls below our Market Standard of 300 combined pages per month. If you send or receive more than 100 pages, Sfax will charge you $0.10 per page, which meets our Market Standard overage rate. Sfax allows you to try its fax service for free for 14 days.

Sending a fax through Sfax’s online interface is incredibly easy. Simply enter your recipient’s phone number and attach your fax documents, and you are ready to send. Sfax allows you to send up to 999 pages per fax to as many as 25 people at one time. You cannot preview a fax before you send it. Your faxes are stored online for up to one year, which is much longer than our Market Standard of 30 days. You can receive notifications of faxes at an unlimited number of email addresses. Sfax does not allow you to send faxes from your email because it considers such a method inherently insecure, but the lack of that feature fails to meet our Market Standard.

Sfax does not offer local numbers nor (800) toll-free numbers, but it does offer (866), (877), and (888) numbers for free with your monthly subscription. Sfax offers phone support, which is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 pm. CST. When we called customer support, we received excellent information from a very knowledgeable staff member.

SFax’s service is also available through an iPhone app.

Sfax Updates

As of 05/10/12 no Sfax updates to their online fax service

Service Name
Monthly Fee
Annual Payment Discount
Hidden Fees
Start Up Fee
800 Number
866, 877 or 888 Number
Free Trial Period
14 Days
Free Incoming Pages
100 Total
Free Outgoing Pages
Users in plan
Online fax storage
1 Year
Customer Support
Premium Upgrades
Corporate Packages
Send faxes by email
Incoming Overage Pages
Outgoing Overage Pages

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