While many people think that faxing is an antiquated business technology, there are many industries that rely heavily on this type of telecommunications. If you are opening a business or communicate with any of the industries listed below, it would be wise to look into an online faxing service.

Click on any of the industries below to learn more about how and why faxing is still an large part of their telecommunications strategy.

  • Realtors and Real Estate Agents

    Real Estate is among several industries that still rely heavily on fax..

  • Government Institutions and Agencies

    While many have assumed for over a decade that faxing would be phased out by newer technologies, several institutions such as the government still require fax technology..

  • Healthcare

    The two main reasons that most industries still rely on fax is the guarantee of secure transmission..

  • Banking

    Regulations in the banking industry and the need for security have lead to the industry’s continued reliance on faxing..

A Complete Phone and Fax Service

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