MyFax Online Fax Service Review

Plan Reviewed: Best Value

MyFax Pros

  • 9% savings when you prepay annually
  • 30-day free fax trial
  • 400 incoming and 400 outgoing pages included
  • Low monthly fee for number of pages included
  • Unlimited online fax storage
  • Can preview your fax before you send it
  • Can create a “blocked”/ “allowed” call list so that you aren’t charged for blocked calls
  • 24/7 customer support

MyFax Cons

  • Pages in plan aren’t combined
  • Experienced multiple power outages in June 2011, Jan 2012, April 2012, and January 2013
  • Experienced customer login issues in June 2011

MyFax Conclusion

MyFax has a user-friendly online interface and competitive pricing, although it has had at least four service outages since June, 2011. At $10 per month for 400 incoming and 400 outgoing pages, MyFax is a good option for those who fax regularly. Typically, MyFax only offers “200/100” “incoming/outgoing” fax pages at this price, but FaxCompare users can get this better value, by signing up using our links. Prepaying for a year will bring the monthly rate down further to $9.17. While MyFax customer support has historically been very helpful, we’ve received lots of negative feedback about it as of late. MyFax offers a 30-day free online fax trial period to test out the service.

MyFax costs $10 per month with no startup or hidden fees. The plan we reviewed includes 400 incoming and 400 outgoing pages per month. This greatly exceeds our Market Standard of 300 combined pages. MyFax also offers a 30-day free trial.

It is very easy to send a fax in MyFax’s online interface, as the entire process can be completed in one convenient screen. You are able to preview your fax before you send it and you can fax up to eight documents at once. You can send and receive faxes on five email addresses and fax up to 50 recipients at one time. MyFax allows you to store faxes online for an unlimited period of time, which is much longer than our Market Standard of 30 days.

MyFax has local fax numbers in all 50 states, along with Washington D.C. They do not offer (800) numbers, but they do offer free (866), (877), and (888) numbers at no additional cost. MyFax also offers 24/7 phone customer support. In our experiences, its customer support techs were extremely knowledgeable and offered lots of information beyond simple answers to our questions. However, we’ve recently received lots of negative feedback about its support.

MyFax mobile fax app is available for the iPhone.

MyFax Updates

Last reported outage: January 2013

June 2011: MyFax increases included online fax storage from 1 year to unlimited.

June 2011: MyFax experiences numerous service outages due to electricity problems (brownouts) in Ottawa, Canada; home of MyFax’s main offices and servers

April 25, 2011: MyFax re-releases iPhone App in the Apple Store

December 6, 2010: MyFax (and parent company Protus) is aquired by j2 Global, the parent company of popular online fax services eFax, RapidFax, TrustFax, and more

December 12, 2010: MyFax Acquired by j2 Global

April 29, 2010: MyFax Expands Digital Fax Services to the UK

March 16, 2010: MyFax Expands Canadian Coverage

March 4, 2010: Internet Telephony Magazine Names MyFax Product of the Year

Service Name
Best Value
Monthly Fee
Annual Payment Discount
$9.17/ month
Hidden Fees
Start Up Fee
800 Number
866, 877 or 888 Number
Free Trial Period
30 Days
Free Incoming Pages
Free Outgoing Pages
Users in plan
Online fax storage
Customer Support
Premium Upgrades
Corporate Packages
Send faxes by email
Incoming Overage Pages
Outgoing Overage Pages

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