Mobile Fax Services

Nowadays everyone seems to be on-the-go. Due to the popularity of virtual offices and the rapid flow of online communication, fax to email services are becoming more important. But, if you’re like the millions of businesspersons who are glued to their phones in order to conduct business quickly, you also want to be able to check your faxes with your Smartphone. Read below to learn more about mobile fax.

Receive Mobile Faxes from Your Smartphone

If you can receive email on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, you should be able to check your faxes on your phone. Online fax services convert faxed documents into digital files that are received via your email. In order to check your faxed documents on your mobile phone, you need to have your phone set up to receive attachments, such as PDFs or TIFs.

Mobile Fax

You might need to set up your mobile phone through your preferences on your online fax account. With eFax, you can easily set up receiving faxes on your PDA or Blackberry in the appropriate attachment. You can even print from your mobile device with any nearby fax machine.

Some online fax services will alert you via text message when you’ve received a fax so that you don’t even have to keep an eye on your email for that important fax you’ve been waiting for.

Send Mobile Faxes from Your Smartphone

If you already have a document scanned and on your phone, it's also incredibly easy to fax your document through your iPhone or other Smartphone. MyFax will even allow you to fax your Microsoft Word documents quickly through the email on your phone.

Mobile Fax Services

Mobile Fax Options for iPhones

RingCentral is one of the few online fax providers with an actual mobile fax iPhone application. This app allows you to quickly scroll through your complete list of received faxes and choose the one you want to view by time, date, or sender.

Read reviews of RingCentral and other popular online fax services.

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A Complete Phone and Fax Service

Interested in a solution that manages your phone and fax needs? Simplify your communications with RingCentral Office. RingCentral Office offers a feature rich, business class VoIP phone system for far less than the cost of a traditional phone system.

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