Getting Rid of Junk Faxes Forever

Dec. 15, 2008

Despite public aggravation, unsolicited faxes, or “junk” faxes, continue to force their way through fax machines everywhere. Read about how internet fax services help you minimize the time, money and paper needlessly wasted on junk faxes.

Why Unsolicited Faxes Won’t Go Away

No matter how many states enact anti-junk fax laws, the problem of receiving unsolicited advertisements through fax machines doesn’t seem to disappear. In fact, just last week, a lawsuit was filed by the state of Indiana against a firm in Texas that had sent over 1,800 junk faxes to people within the state of Indiana. This lawsuit is just the latest case of unwanted faxes to surface in the news.

The companies who send junk faxes either don’t realize the consequences of sending junk faxes (which isn’t very likely) or choose to disregard the consequences in favor of large-scale advertising through a relatively low-cost medium.

The only thing you can do to combat unwanted faxes is to be proactive and stop them before they reach your printer.


We wouldn’t wait until our email inboxes were flooding with spam messages before we took a preventative measure. If we can be proactive when it comes to reducing spam email in our inboxes, why can’t we be just as proactive when it comes to faxes? After all, junk faxes can be much more costly and more time-consuming than junk emails.

The best proven solution to this problem is to utilize internet fax services. One of the biggest advantages of using an internet fax service is that your service provides you with an online interface that allows you to see where an incoming fax is coming from and who’s sending it. Your received faxes are stored on hosted web space that you can access through a login. This feature allows you to choose the faxes you wish to print and to delete the faxes that you suspect are junk.

With an internet fax service, you are also able to easily recognize and block unwanted faxes by choosing not to print them. The service can potentially save you from a lot of grief and is as low as $10 a month, which is cheaper than the cost of a dedicated phone line.

It really is that easy and that sensible. Start internet faxing today.

Besides reducing unwanted faxes, internet fax services provide a list of advantages to businesses who use these services. Please visit to find out more about using an internet fax service and to see a comparison of the top internet fax providers on the market.

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