New Info on 5 Steps to Help Small Business Owners Choose an Email Fax Service and Email Fax FAQ

New Info on 5 Steps to Help Small Business Owners Choose an Email Fax Service and Email Fax FAQ, a comparison and review site for email fax services, features two new pages, a thorough email fax FAQ and five easy steps for choosing an email fax service, in order to help visitors better utilize the information on the website and to help answer common email faxing questions.

Austin, Texas (Vocus/PRWEB) June 5, 2009 – Email fax comparison and review website offers fresh information on two new web pages that simplifies the processes of choosing and getting started using an email to fax service. One new page on the website was created to serve the growing number of new visitors to, who want to quickly become more knowledgeable about email fax services, what they offer and how to select one that fits their business needs. The new page details five simple steps to take when selecting an email fax service, which are to analyze your email to fax needs, use the email to fax comparison chart, read the in-depth email to fax reviews, sign up for the free trial and test out the email to fax service.

“It’s important to follow each step,” says website developer Koby Wong. “We want to encourage customers to read all of the comparison information and to make use of the free trial, so that they can be certain that the service is fully compatible with their faxing needs.”

The other new page is an Email Fax FAQ page that answers the “Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions” and a dozen other notable questions for customers who are already using an email fax service through either a free trial or a monthly service plan. Examples of these questions are as follows: “How do I send an email fax?” “Can I port my current fax number to an email fax service?” “How do I electronically sign my faxes and send them back?” The questions were drawn from a number of inquiries sent to about pertinent or little-known aspects of the email faxing process.

“By adding an FAQ section, we aim to address the concerns of people who have signed up for a service but may be new to email faxing,” says customer service representative April Coburn. “The FAQ may also help people who haven’t yet signed up for an email fax service to view email fax as less off-putting and more manageable.” consolidates and presents reviews and comparison information of the top email fax services, which include MyFax, MetroFax, RingCentral, GoFaxer and many others. Provider reviews list the Pros, Cons, Conclusion, pricing and key features of each service. Over 100,000 people have used when searching for the best available service to convert their fax to email.

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