Online Fax Storage

An online fax archive lets you quickly retrieve previous faxed documents at a moment’s notice. Gone are the days of lost faxes and important documents. With online fax storage you can keep all of your faxes secured in your inbox. But, the amount of online fax storage you have depends on which online fax service you sign up for.

How Much Fax Storage Do You Need?

When deciding on your online fax service you should first determine how many documents you want to store and how long you need to store your faxes. If you’re a lawyer or real estate agent, it might be more important to have a bigger online fax archive. If you don’t need to save many documents, having a smaller fax archive or one that lasts a specific amount of time might not be that important to you.

Carefully look over all your options. Some online fax providers start to charge you for any faxes over a specific number. Be aware of your provider’s fax storage policy.

Fax storage by the numbers

Online fax providers determine their fax storage either by length of time, such as 30 days or one year, and others will charge you for any faxes over a set number of documents.

1. By Time

The following online fax services charge their customers based on the length of time faxed documents stay in their fax archive. Note their deadlines so you don’t get charged extra or get important faxes deleted.

  • MyFax gives its customers unlimited online fax storage.
  • Nextiva offers six months of fax storage.
  • MetroFax customers have unlimited online fax storage.
  • RapidFAX offers 30 days free online fax storage; however, there is a 5 cent charge per fax per month over the initial 30 days. (Several other online fax services also follow this trend of charging you extra for any faxes left in your archive for over 30 days, such as Send2Fax and TrustFax)
  • eFax recently increased its online fax storage from two years to unlimited for all of its paid subscribers.
  • Other services have more unique policies, such as Fax2Mail, which will only grant you access to the last 30 days of your stored faxes but will email older faxes if you call their customer service, and AirComUSA, which only stores your faxes for seven days.

2. By Document Count

While some online fax providers give you a time period for their fax storage feature, others set a document count limit. Make sure you don’t go over their limits.

  • RingCentral allows you to store faxes in your archive indefinitely; however, you are limited to only 200 faxed documents.

Learn more about online fax and compare providers.

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