MetroFax vs Nextiva

Both MetroFax and Nextiva offer great online fax options, and both have reputations for reliable service. Here’s a closer side-by-side look at the two providers.


MetroFax and Nextiva offer three tiers of service. MetroFax’s are Essential, Value, and Professional. The Essential plan is $7.95 per month, or $6.63 per month with the annual discount, for 500 total pages; the Value plan is $12.95 per months, or $10.79 per month with the annual discount, for 1,000 total pages; and the Professional plan is $35.95 per month, or $29.96 per month with the annual discount, for 2,500 total pages.

Nextiva’s plans are Single User, Small Business, and Business Pro. The Single User plan is $8.95 per month for 500 pages, but that number goes down to $4.95 per month with the annual discount. For FaxCompare users, the plan gets an even better boost: 1,000 pages a month at the same price. The Small Business plan is $17.95 per month, or $12.95 per month with the annual discount, for 1,000 total pages. And the Business Pro plan is $34.95 per month, or $29.95 per month with the annual discount, for 3,000 total pages.

Which service offers better value depends on your faxing volume. MetroFax’s Essential plan costs less per month than Nextiva’s, but once you factor in the annual discount and the special offer, Nextiva’s plan is less expensive and includes twice as many pages. MetroFax’s Value plan is less expensive than Nextiva’s Small Business plan. Both cost the same, if you factor in Nextiva’s annual discount, for the higher volume plans, although Nextiva gives you 500 more pages per month.


Nextiva wins a lot of praise for its easy-to-use vFAX interface. NExtiva also accepts a wide range of file types, including image files like TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, printer file formats, and text files, but it does not offer smartphone apps.

MetroFax comes with more features, including Android and iOS apps and international faxing. They also let you add a toll free number at no extra cost, whereas Nextiva changes a $9.95 setup fee for toll free numbers. One thing to note is that MetroFax is built on the exact same platform as eFax (they are both owned by j2 Global), so if you’ve tried eFax, MetroFax will be very familiar. The only differences between MetroFax and eFax are that MetroFax doesn’t offer e-signing or HIPAA compliance.

Customer Service

MetroFax and Nextiva both have customer service that is U.S.-based, and both offer a variety of ways to get in touch with customer service, including email, live chat, and phone.

Other Services

Nextiva is owned by UnitedWeb Inc. and also offers virtual PBX and business VoIP. The company has also teamed up with the nonprofit organization to support renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects worldwide.

J2 Global, an Internet conglomerate, purchased MetroFax in 2013. J2 also owns eFax, MyFax, and RapidFax ans several other fax brands.

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