eFax – How to e-Sign Online Documents Using an Internet Faxing Service

Learn how to sign your online faxes digitally with eFax, an Internet faxing service. Our step by step tutorial will show you just how easy it is to upload your signature and electronically sign faxes.

A lesser-known benefit of using online fax is that many services fully support electronic signatures, or e-signatures. It is very easy to convert your signature into a digitized image, able to be placed in any fax document by using an online fax service such as eFax.

Here we walk you through the process of signing an online fax with eFax Internet faxing service.

How to upload a signature to eFax

Write your signature on a piece of paper

  1. Scan the piece of paper you just signed
  2. Fax that document to your eFax number
  3. In eFax’s Message Center, open the fax you just sent yourself with the Online Fax Viewer
  4. Click on the Crop button that is situated on top of the window
  5. Drag the crop box until it covers the entirety of your signature on the fax, and then click Save Crop
  6. Save the image and name your file
  7. Your signature has been uploaded and you are ready to electronically sign any document you need faxed

How to electronically sign documents with an uploaded signature using eFax

  1. Open up the fax you wish to add the signature to in the Online Fax Viewer
  2. Click on the digital signature image, it will be on the left-hand side of the window
  3. Move or re-size the signature as you see fit, it can be placed anywhere on the fax
  4. Click Save when you are finished

What is internet faxing?

esign efax free

An online fax service enables users to send and receive faxes from anywhere with an Internet connection. Users get a fax number that will act as a normal fax number would. Faxes sent to this number usually go directly to a secure online interface since you have to enter your password to access it. The fax number can also be tied to your email enabling you to send and receive faxes as email attachments.

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What is an e-signature?

An e-signature is essentially a signature that you can place electronically. E-signatures are used to authenticate the identity of the signee or confirm the intentions of an individual with regards to a particular document. This is because e-signatures are considered binding just like handwritten signatures.

Common needs for e-signature

Since an e-signature is more convenient than a handwritten signature its use is attractive for anyone who needs to send time-sensitive documents, businesses focusing on efficiency, and those with matters handled exclusively over the Internet. The real estate industry is well-known for sending many of time-sensitive documents via fax. E-signatures, in conjunction with online faxing, aid realtors and real estate agents greatly in their daily business.

More About eFax®

eFax is an online faxing service owned by j2 Global Communications. One of the most well-known internet faxing services available, they’re faxing services are better suited for business fax needs. They offer three faxing plans based on the size of your business:

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