FaxCompare.com Announces Limited Availability of Service Discounts

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FaxCompare.com Announces Limited Availability of Service Discounts

Leading fax product and service review website, FaxCompare.com, is now updated to reflect that service discounts are only available when visiting discounted offers through the comparison portal in qualifying locations.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) Mar. 19, 2011 – Providing transparent product service reviews to site visitors is a core goal of leading fax comparison website, FaxCompare.com. Building on the company’s current practices, the review portal has been revised to ensure consumers understand that the published rates of reviewed services are available only though the portal and in designated countries.

Many times, business owners will want to try out fax services for the organization before committing funds to recurring subscriptions on products. Fax Compare reviews several companies that offer free faxing for limited page counts on the primary comparison grid of the website. Many of these companies will provide the free service independent of an organization subscribing to product resulting in minimizing the risk encountered with lesser free trial offers found online.

In an effort to continue to educate site visitors to aid in making big business decisions while choosing a service to send and receive faxes for the respective business or individual, FaxCompare.com publishes a Frequently Asked Questions information portal that is continually updated. The latest tips, Market Standards, and buying tips are incorporated to ensure consumers have information regarding the latest trends in the industry before making acquisition decisions.

Koby Wong, manager of the FaxCompare.com website writes, “From reading inquiries and feedback, I’ve recognized that some people will use our site, but then type in an online fax service’s URL directly. As a result, they get confused when the pricing on our site looks like it’s incorrect. To help eliminate confusion, we’ve decided to add a descriptive statement about the pricing and plans on our site.”

The FaxCompare staff management is committed to minimizing any site visitor confusion while answering all service questions. The most recent web site update demonstrates management’s dedication to customer satisfaction and ensuring the shopper gets the best price for the desired fax service possible.

About FaxCompare.com:

The FaxCompare website was established in 2009 and now compares more than 20 online fax services based on features such as the monthly fee, free trial period, free incoming and outgoing pages, and customer support. The company also maintains a searchable research database in order to provide in-depth reviews of online fax services to its visitors for offers not featured on the primary search portal.

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