Upgrade Your Logo

When you’re sending an online fax, many providers automatically generate a cover page for you. But some online fax providers, like SRFax, will allow you to upload your business logo to customize cover pages.

If you’re in the market for a logo that you can create on your own or with a little help, and want to get it without paying for the services of a professional branding firm, there are some good online tools to help you.

Fiverr is an online marketplace that includes a wide array of services, including logo design. Through Fiverr, you can browse sellers, read their ratings, and contract with them for a “gig.”


Graphic Springs lets you design your own logo for free, using either images your download or choosing from its bank of clip art. This tool gives you options that are a little more current in appearance, but as with any online tool, you run the risk of having a less-than-unique logo if you use their bank of art.


LogoMaker lets you choose from a huge bank of icons and images to create a simple logo, with no design experience needed. Creating and saving up to six web-ready logos is free; high resolution versions for print cost $49.

Laughingbird also lets you create a logo using its own templates and graphic elements, or by downloading your own images or graphics. You will have to download software to use it – it is compatible with both Mac and Windows, and the full suite costs $47.


Sothink Logo Maker and Logo Maker Pro let you build on a free template and edit an existing logo or create your own logo. You don’t have to have a design background – and the software will help you out along the way by suggesting relevant palettes for you when your choose a dominant color – but some familiarity with using vector tools will help. Logo Maker is $35, and Logo Maker Pro is $59.99.


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