AirComUSA Online Fax Service Review

AirComUsa Com
Service Name
Monthly Fee
Annual Payment Discount
Hidden Fees
No, but
Start Up Fee
800 Number
Yes, but
866, 877 or 888 Number
Yes, but
Free Trial Period
30 Days
Free Incoming Pages
Free Outgoing Pages
Users in plan
Online fax storage
7 Days
Customer Support
M-F 8-6 MST
Premium Upgrades
Corporate Packages
Send faxes by email
Incoming Overage Pages
Outgoing Overage Pages

Plan Reviewed: Basic

AirComUSA Pros

  • 30-day free trial period
  • Can create a “blocked”/ “allowed” call list so that you
    aren’t charged for blocked calls
  • High quality customer support

AirComUSA Cons

  • Charges $12 upfront for future overage fees
  • $10 startup fee
  • No free pages included
  • Pages in plan aren’t combined
  • No online fax storage
  • No online interface

AirComUSA Conclusion

AirComUSA’s Basic plan is expensive, considering you pay $8.95 per month, plus a $10 setup fee and don’t receive any free incoming or outgoing fax pages. You’re also charged $12 upfront, but this amount goes to paying for your faxes. With AirComUSA, you must send and receive faxes from your email, but it is a very straightforward and simple process. AirComUSA’s customer support was very helpful.

AirComUSA has a monthly fee of $8.95, plus a startup fee of $10, and a hidden fee of $12 upfront charge for future overage fees. We do not consider startup fees and hidden fees to be standard. Our Market Standard for pages in a plan is 300 combined pages per month. AirComUSA does not include any pages in its monthly plan and charges 10 cents per page on top of your monthly fee. The service does offer a free trial for 30 days, but it is limited to receiving faxes only.

You cannot fax through AirComUSA online interface; you can only fax via email. You can choose up to five email addresses to send and receive faxes. The number of documents you can send with AirComUSA is unlimited, and the number of recipients you can send to is limited only by your email client’s capabilities. You cannot preview a fax before you send, since it is sent from an email account. You do not receive any online fax storage, which does not meet the Market Standard of 30 days free fax storage.

AirComUSA offers local numbers in only 10 states plus Washington D.C., but it does have (800), (866) and (888) toll-free numbers for no extra fee. AirComUSA’s phone support hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday. It has high quality customer support, and support reps seemed fairly knowledgeable and helpful with any questions.

AirComUSA does not have a mobile version of its product.

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