FaxCompare.com Celebrates Three Years of Online Fax Comparison

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FaxCompare.com Celebrates Three Years of Online Fax Comparison

Leading online fax service review and comparison site, FaxCompare.com marks the third anniversary of the web portal. The web site has experienced significant growth, helping both business and personal consumers find the best, low-cost fax services to fit organization needs.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) Feb. 7, 2011 – FaxCompare.com celebrates the third anniversary of the fax service comparison and review web portal, experiencing 238% growth while helping thousands of consumers choose fax services to meed business or individual needs. Site visitors leverage the research and experience of company staff to select the best online fax service for organization needs resulting in saving a significant amount of time in comparing product features and pricing.

Email to fax services are one of the most popular product options consumers seek out when comparing fax services. Site visitors leverage the product comparison grid in order to compare prices, options, and extra features and can then sign-up for a paying or free trial service account through the FaxCompare.com portal.

FaxCompare.com staff extend site services beyond the presentation of fax service pricing and features comparisons, however, by offering a comprehensive web fax service FAQ information and tips section on the portal. Market standards and fax service buying tips are included to aid shoppers in making informed decisions when choosing a reliable Internet fax service.

FaxCompare.com site manager, Koby Wong states, “We are excited to mark FaxCompare.com’s third year of helping business owners and individuals select a low-cost online fax option that meets the demands of their business. We have seen a significant increase in the number of companies that are leveraging online services and continue to bring the latest service reviews and comparisons to our customers.”

FaxCompare staff continue to consolidate, update, and organization information regarding top Internet and free fax services to help customers choose the best provider to fit the business budget and requirements. New services are continually evaluated for inclusion in the product comparison grid to ensure site visitors can make the best decision possible when selecting a fax product.

About FaxCompare.com:

FaxCompare.com was established in 2009. Site staff have spent more than 100 hours, plus more in ongoing updates, of research and testing of online fax services in order to let customers make an “apples to apples” comparison of the different products. The company is committed to providing a quality resource to individuals and small business owners that will save time and alleviate the frustration the site owners went through in selecting an Internet fax service provider.

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