eFax Online Fax Service Review

Plan Reviewed: eFax Plus

eFax Pros

  • Save 16.6% when you prepay yearly
  • 30-day free trial
  • Unlimited online fax storage
  • 24/7 phone customer support

eFax Cons

  • Pages in plan aren’t combined
  • High monthly fee for number of pages included

eFax Conclusion

eFax has the most subscribers of any online fax service, but its pricing is on the high end. Compared to our Market Standard of $10 per month for 300 free combined pages, eFax Plus is a bit more expensive at $16.95 per month for 150 incoming and 150 outgoing pages. However, eFax does offer the most features of any online fax service including e-signing, iOS and Android mobile apps, a HIPPA compliance option, international faxing capability and 24/7 phone support. Also, eFax added a large file sharing option that allows users to upload large files (up to 3GB) and send the link to up to 20 email addresses, where recipients can download the files. For users needing these features, eFax is worth the higher price tag.

eFax’s monthly fee is $16.95 with no startup or hidden fees. Unfortunately, unlike other services, eFax does not combine the pages in its plan and allots 150 incoming and 150 outgoing pages per month. The Market Standard is 300 combined pages. eFax has a free trial period of 30 days.

Faxing with eFax is very easy, as you only need to fill in one field and click once to send. You can send up to five documents through eFax, as long as you keep the total file size under 5 MB, but eFax does not offer a preview of a fax before you send.

You can only fax one person/email address at a time, but you can send and receive faxes on five email addresses with eFax. You have free, unlimited online fax storage, which greatly exceeds the Market Standard of 30 days of free fax storage.

eFax offers local numbers in 48 states and Washington D.C. They also offer (800), (866), (877), and (888) toll-free numbers for no extra fee. eFax’s phone support hours are 24/7.

* eFax is owned by j2 Global Communications along with Fax.com, Send2Fax, jConnect, RapidFAX, SmartFax and TrustFax.

eFax Updates

Last reported outage: January 2013

August, 2016: eFax parent company, j2 Global, acquires another popular online fax brand, MaxEmail.

February, 2015: eFax parent company, j2 Global, acquires online fax competitor, UnityFax.

May 18, 2013: eFax parent company, j2 Global, acquires popular online fax brand, MetroFax.

October 5, 2011: eFax announces release of Android smartphone online fax app. Now (along with the iPhone app) eFax has covered over 70% of the smartphone market with mobile faxing capabilities.

September 8, 2011: eFax launches iPad app. Along with turning the iPad in to an on-the-go fax machine, it lets users to search and view faxes, access and use stored cover sheets and contact lists, and tag and archive faxes.

August 9, 2011: eFax adds digital signatures to their online faxing features. Sign documents directly from the eFax interface instead of having to print, sign, and scan back into the system.

May 10, 2011: eFax adds Large File Sharing to their internet fax service features. Allows sending of files up to 1 GB in size (later increased to 3GB).

December, 2010: eFax parent company, j2 Global, acquires rival online fax brand, MyFax.

November 9, 2010: eFax “puts a fax machine in your pocket” — releases iPhone App that allows users to scan and fax documents directly from their mobile phone.

September 16, 2010: Launches eFax Nextâ„¢, a customer-focused initiative working with industry professionals, IT experts, and technology brands to continually improve the current feature offering.

August 5, 2010: eFax Online Fax Service Now Reaches 4,158 Cities Internationally

May 14, 2010: eFax Now Offers Lifetime Storage

April 7, 2010: j2 Expands eFax Network to 48 Countries

Service Name
eFax Plus
Monthly Fee
Annual Payment Discount
$14.13/ month
Hidden Fees
Start Up Fee
800 Number
866, 877 or 888 Number
Free Trial Period
30 Days
Free Incoming Pages
Free Outgoing Pages
Users in plan
Online fax storage
Customer Support
Premium Upgrades
Corporate Packages
Send faxes by email
Incoming Overage Pages
Outgoing Overage Pages

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